DPD Program Format

The DPD program at CWRU is formatted and designed to covered all ACEND-Required Core Knowledge and competencies, in support of achieving our program goals, objectives, and student learning outcomes.

The curriculum of the DPD Program is organized with sequential courses that logically progress from introductory learning activities to more advanced courses and activities that build on previous knowledge to achieve the expected depth and breadth of knowledge upon completion of the program. The DPD is formatted and organized into two compartments: 1) Nutrition DPD and 2) Non-Nutrition DPD courses. All courses follow a logical progression of flow, with basic concepts covered first, then more advance topics.

The DPD program’s curriculum per se is formatted and designed to be completed within two years as an active-status DPD student – either the last two years of any undergraduate program or within two years as post-baccalaureate student. Students are considered “active DPD” students once they apply to and are admitted into the DPD program, which may be done once specific science courses and NTRN 201 are completed, and overall and DPD related GPAs are achieved.

See DPD Student Handbook for Information regarding the Application Process here.

Some DPD course prerequisite coursework and a few DPD courses that do not have significant prerequisites may be taken by DPD-prospective students, as many such courses also apply towards required or elective Nutrition Department courses and/or CWRU University breadth area course requirements.

DPD course requirements and the curriculum can also be seen at: https://case.edu/medicine/nutrition/education-programs/didactic-program-in-dietetics/dpd-curriculum

Sample schedules showing how the DPD may be integrated within undergraduate degree programs can be found in the DPD Student Handbook here.

Students seeking to apply* to the DPD Program and thus, pursue eligibility for 'Dietetic Registration' should consult with the Program Director: James Swain, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND.

Office location: School of Medicine | Rm. W-G48
Phone: 216.368.6554
Email:  james.swain@case.edu

*To apply to the DPD Program, please review the DPD Student Handbook re the application process and criteria.