COVID Information

COVID Guidelines Fall 2023 

University Health and Counseling Services (UH&CS) is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our students. In the event of an urgent public health issue, UH&CS collaborates with other campus units to support the rest of the campus community. 

UH&CS is providing the information below in the event any member of the campus community is experiencing symptoms that may indicate a COVID infection. Please know that policies and procedures will continue to be reviewed as circumstances change. 

For those experiencing symptoms of COVID: 
  • Individuals with symptoms of COVID should wear a well-fitting mask and follow the CDC guidelines for testing. Rapid antigen tests are available in the wellness vending machines. (NOTE: Machines are filled once each business day. If a machine is out, please check another machine.)
  • Students may schedule an appointment with UH&CS via to obtain testing and receive a medical evaluation. 
For those who test positive for COVID: 
  • All CWRU community members are still encouraged to report their positive tests through A UH&CS nurse will review the information within one business day and send a secure message detailing your isolation instructions. 
  • All members of the campus community who test positive should follow the CDC guidelines for isolation. In general, the CDC recommends isolation for at least 5 full days, with masking through the 10th day of isolation. 
  • In addition: 
    • After the first five days of isolation, those who have tested positive for COVID-19 no longer need to have a negative antigen test before leaving isolation. 
    • That said, those who tested positive should have improving symptoms--including no fever for 24 hours (without using fever reducing medications) -- before ending isolation after the fifth day. 
    • After leaving isolation, you should wear a well-fitting mask when around others during days 6-10. 
  • Healthcare workers (including students) must isolate through day 7 AND have a negative rapid antigen test to end isolation. 
  • As with any other illness, students are encouraged to contact to different university units if they need assistance, including their four-year advisor for academic issues. 
Isolation support for students living on campus: 
  • Students living on-campus should isolate in their residence hall rooms and wear a mask when in hallways or common areas. 
  • Students on the university meal plan may order a grab-and-go option through Transact Mobile Ordering, pick it up while wearing a well-fitting mask, and return to their residence hall to eat. If a student is too ill to leave to pick up a meal, please follow these instructions to have a friend pick up your meal. 
    • Students not on the meal plan may use UberEats, Instacart or other delivery services. 
  • Please note that healthy roommates/suitemates will no longer be offered separate housing from someone in isolation. 
Individuals who have been exposed to COVID: 
  • Healthy roommates/suitemates and others who believe they may have been exposed to COVID should follow CDC exposure guidelines, including wearing a well-fitting mask when around others. 
  • Please note that the university is no longer performing contact tracing or providing individual exposure notifications.
  • Masking is not required on campus. that said, those who wish to wear masks may do so. 
  • Individuals with symptoms of COVID, who have recently completed isolation for COVID, or who have been exposed to COVID should wear a well-fitting mask, as per CDC guidelines.
  • Healthcare workers (including students) at clinical sited should follow the guidance at their respective clinical locations. 
  • Masks are available in the wellness vending machines or can be requested by emailing
COVID Vaccination: 
  • While COVID vaccination is not required for most campus community members, individuals are strongly encouraged to remain up to date on their vaccines. 
  • Students in health sciences schools are expected to abide by the health and safety expectations of the clinical sites they access. 
  • UH&CS has partnered with CVS to offer a limited supply of updated vaccines on campus. Please click here for more information. 
COVID Testing: