Report an Illness

Many common illnesses, such as colds (upper respiratory infections), influenza, and gastroenteritis (“stomach flu”), may be managed at home or in your residence hall and do not require a visit to a healthcare provider.  

Students with mild symptoms may report their illness through This report will be reviewed by a nurse within one business day, and students will receive a secure message that provides them with information about managing their illness, guidance about when to return to class, and a letter verifying that they reported an illness to University Health and Counseling Services. The verification letter may be shared with faculty, advisors, and others as needed to document the illness.

Please note, students with severe or concerning symptoms, including but not limited to difficulty breathing and chest pain, should seek emergency care by calling 216.368.3333 on-campus or 911 off-campus, or going to the nearest Emergency Department. 

Students who would like to schedule an appointment for an evaluation may do so through Telemedicine visits are also available any time through TimelyCare. After hours and on weekends, students may contact 216.368.2450 to speak to the nurse on-call for medical advice.

To report an illness:

  1. Log into
  2. Select “Send or Read a Secure Message” and then select “New Message”. 
  3. Choose “I want to report an illness” from the listed options and complete the form.