Postdoc Salary + Stipend

Salary/Stipend Guidelines

CWRU uses the current year National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Research Service Award (NRSA) scale as the minimum salary/stipend guidelines for all Postdoc Scholar and Postdoc Fellow positions. These guidelines apply regardless of funding source.  Please see below for the current NIH scale.

Starting Salary/Stipend

The minimum annual salary/stipend amount required for hiring a new postdoc is the current year 0 level amount listed on the NIH scale. It is strongly recommended that postdocs with prior experience receive a higher starting salary, based on years of experience, listed on the NIH scale.  Please see below for the current NIH scale.


Raises are to be provided yearly at reappointment. It is strongly recommended that increases follow the current year NIH scale.

NIH Current Fiscal Year Salary/Stipend Scale

  • The scale changes annually, please see Director, Diana Fox for the up-to-date Scale
  • Minimum level effective at CWRU July 1, 2016 for all appointments.¹
  • ¹See NIH link for details on Kirschstein-NRSA awards

Postdoc Benefits Program Charges

If a postdoc chooses to enroll in the Postdoctoral Benefits Program, the monthly single coverage premium must be paid for each Postdoc Scholar or Fellow¹ by the Principal Investigator (PI), grant, or department, or internal funds.  Additional coverage levels (postdoc + 1 and postdoc + family) may also be paid for by PI/grant/department funds—this is at each PI’s discretion and contingent upon available funding. Any coverage level (beyond single) not being paid for by the PI will be charged to the postdoc and the premium will be taken out of his/her paycheck monthly.

The monthly premium rates can be found on the Postdoctoral Benefits Program website administered through Garnett-Powers & Associates.

¹Paid Direct Postdocs (not receiving a paycheck from CWRU) pay all costs from their funding source and will be billed directly by Garnett-Powers & Associates.