Progress Report 2018

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Numbers and Beyond

This is University Technology, [U]Tech, at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) “by the numbers.” The statistics and facts within this report demonstrate the division’s commitment to delivering on its Strategic Plan – [Re]Imagining IT. However, UTech is not just about the number of technology solutions offered to the campus community or innovative breakthroughs developed at CWRU. UTech is about the professionals it employs, the partnerships forged throughout the CWRU and higher education communities and delivering an excellent client experience each and every time. This report contains those stories and successes as well.   

UTech created [Re]Imagining IT in June of 2016 to provide a roadmap for serving the technology needs of CWRU. UTech provided a Progress Report in late 2017 to highlight the accomplishments of the plan’s nine initiatives for the faculty, staff and students at CWRU. This 2018 report outlines what has transpired in the last six months of the fiscal year in UTech’s journey to exceed expectations and deliver on its strategic initiatives.

Download the Progress Report Here

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Address Fundamental Elements

Provide strong, basic IT services and infrastructure essential to support the CWRU community.

Break Down Barriers

Answer our university community's strongly expressed desires for simplicity, agility and clarity in their everyday technology experiences to improve their engagement with information and each other.

Advance Innovation

Further CWRU’s position as a global leader in scholarly achievement, leading-edge research and compelling learning experiences.

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I - Support Student Success and Enhance the Student Experience

Recommendations: Provide Productive Workspaces and Collaborative Space - Empower Personalized and Lifelong Learning - Provide a Top-Quality Learning and Living Environment for Students

II - Facilitate Effective and Innovative Teaching and Learning

Recommendations: Support Engaging, Effective and Innovative Teaching and Learning - Provide Effective Learning Environments

III - Enhance Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity and Academic Innovation

Recommendations: Develop and Maintain High-Performance Cyberinfrastructure and Research Tools - Engage in Substantive Collaboration on Research Funding and Engagement - Establish a Virtual Research Commons - Support the Preservation and Curation of Research Data

IV - Strengthen IT Foundations, Infrastructure, Operations and User Experiences

Recommendations: Improve Awareness of IT Services, Products and Tools - Support a Culture of Service Excellence - Improve Access to CWRU Resources Anywhere, Anytime - Provide Needed Information Technology Tools - Make the Basic Tools and Facilities for Collaboration More Robust and Accessible - Provide Systems for Collaboration and Communication - Enhance Applications Focusing on the End-User Experience

V - Manage Information Security, Regulatory Compliance and Technology-Focused Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Recommendations: Identify, Assess and Manage Security Risks - Protect and Ensure the Continuity of the Institution in the Event of Disaster - Promote and Implement Security-Focused Policies and Practices and Secure the IT Infrastructure

VI - Support and Expand the Use of Institutional Data in Decision-Making

Recommendations: Improve Access to Information and the Collection, Care and Availability of Data - Infuse Data Analytics into Decision-Making - Improve Business Processes for Managing Content

VII - Investing and Funding Information Technology Strategically

Recommendation: Develop a Strategic and Sustainable IT Funding Model

VIII - Attract, Retain and Empower Technology Team Members

Recommendation: Attract and Retain Highly Effective IT Personnel

IX - Centralize University-Wide IT Services and Resources

Recommendations: Reduce and Effectively Manage the Information Security Risk Profile of CWRU - Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Readiness by Leveraging Best Practices Across the University - Improve the IT Experience Across All Areas of the University - Optimize the University’s Investments in IT - Foster Professional Growth and Development

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We support and enhance the academic and research mission of Case Western Reserve University through responsive service, enabling infrastructure, effective administrative systems and innovative solutions.

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To be a preeminent organization that empowers CWRU’s transformational teaching, learning and research.

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We are committed to remaining flexible and responsive to change. We value the input from all global sectors that employ IT, higher education colleagues and those across our own university. We execute on existing and new initiatives with a focus on excellence in assisting university constituents with teaching, learning and discovery.

Service Excellence

Serving students, faculty and staff is our reason for existing. We continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us and strive to exceed their expectations.


We work in a collaborative, cooperative, team-driven environment that encourages both individual and shared excellence in striving to achieve our goals. We value the mutual respect that true teamwork entails.


We thrive in a culture that is dynamic. We seek, develop and test new ideas to advance the university. Because there is often no one right answer to a question, we rely on experimentation to drive many efforts in search of solutions and continuous improvement.


We revere honesty and adhere to the highest ethical standards in our daily work. We strive for transparency in our operations.