Technology Account

Id Card Icon with a blue background

Your CWRU Network ID (e.g., abc123) and passphrase give you access to university resources such as email, library holdings, paychecks and grades.

Get Activated

To activate your Network ID, visit and click "Activate CWRU Network ID" in the Quick Links section. Once you create your passphrase, the system will display your Network ID and email address.

Know the Rules

You agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) each time you log into a CWRU resource. Review this and all policies at policies.

Keep Your Passphrase Safe

Do not share your university passphrase with anyone. This includes your friends, family or the technician helping you with your computer issue. No legitimate communication with the university, either in person or online, will request your passphrase. If you need to change your passphrase, visit and click on "Change Passphrase" in the Quick Links section.