Information Security

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Protect yourself and the university by following simple guidelines and best practices for information security. Remember, your password protects your grades and/or financial information — not just your email.

Email Scams

Cybercriminals use “phishing” scams in the guise of official communications, faked invoices, too-good-to-be-true job descriptions and the like to smuggle malicious software (“malware”) onto your device or get you to give out your personal information.

Never click on a link in a suspicious email. Know when to ignore, delete or forward a suspicious email. Ignore and/or delete messages indicating that your email account reached its "Quota" or there is a need to "Update" or "Verify" your account. Please forward suspicious emails to, allowing [U]Tech staff to stop the spread of these emails across campus.

Note: [U]Tech will NEVER ask for your password or personal information. If [U]Tech requests action from you (e.g., password change), the [U]Tech correspondence will direct you to a specific website and/or refer you to the appropriate CWRU contact for assistance.

Learn more about these scams at

Software for Security

Visit to download Symantec™ Endpoint Protection for premier antivirus protection. In addition, faculty and staff must download Identity Finder™ to locate, secure or destroy confidential information. Both titles are available at no additional cost from the Software Center.

Faculty and staff members must run these programs on computers used to conduct university business. Students are not required to run these programs, but must have some form of antivirus protection installed on their computer to use the CWRU network.


Passwords keep essential information locked away, but many people treat passwords much too casually. They make their passwords too easy to guess, and nearly 60% mostly or always use the same one for multiple sites, to avoid coming up with or remembering different passwords. LastPass password management software, now available for all CWRU users, does all the remembering for LastPass account holders. Get started with LastPass at