Information Security

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UTech's Strategic Plan highlights Information Security among its top five priorities. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the university’s information and information systems is a responsibility that the whole CWRU community shares, and the Information Security Office (ISO) within UTech is here to help.

Loss, corruption or inappropriate access to information can interfere with CWRU's mission, interrupt business and damage reputations or finances. The ISO assesses and assists CWRU organizations/members manage the risk of information loss or exposure, and assists all departments in protecting the privacy of student, staff, faculty and research records. ISO also serves as the reference and education center for CWRU data protection.

Two-factor Authentication with Duo Security

Duo two-factor authentication enables protection beyond passwords and offers greater protection of your digital identity. Users must use Duo when logging into various systems on campus.

More information is available at the Duo Security page.