IT Contracts

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As part of the University's contract review process, the CWRU IT Contracts Team is responsible for reviewing any University contract that includes an IT related component prior to such contract being executed. The information on this site is provided to help facilitate and expedite the processing of contracts once they are routed to IT Contracts for review. Please direct any questions that you may have to The IT Contracts Team will be happy to provide guidance related to the IT contracts process as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Why We're Here

Learn about the creation of the IT Contracts Team, our purpose, and more.

What We Need

Learn what is necessary when submitting an IT related agreement.

Contract Routing

Learn about the steps necessary and groups involved in the IT contract approval process.

  • Missing requisition information 
  • Unclear requirements
  • Unresponsive vendor
  • Requisition entered at the last minute
  • Miscategorized requisition
  • Unresponsive requester
  • Vendor not in PeopleSoft (Supplier Information Form & W9 Not Completed)

Although the UTech Contracts Team aims to provide a preliminary response within 3 business days, every contract is unique and deserves individual attention. Due to the various groups that must be engaged in the review, actual contract completion and signature timing is variable.

Groups required in the successful processing of a contract:

  • [U]Tech Information Security
  • [U]Tech Client Engagement Team
  • [U]Tech Contracts
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Procurement
  • School & Department IT Directors
  • University Marketing & Communications
  • Vendors