CWRU Course Evaluations

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CWRU Course Evaluations

From helping instructors improve their courses to guiding future students' course selections, the Case Western Reserve University course evaluation process represents a critical point in the semester. This fall, members of the campus community will notice significant changes in the course evaluation system that are targeted at streamlining the act of providing valuable course feedback.

Here is what students, staff and faculty members need to know:

Students can complete evaluations from their smartphone or tablet. In addition to their laptop or desktop computer, students can complete course evaluations from their mobile devices. The course evaluation system will be online only; therefore students will not need to download an app to complete their evaluations.

Students can edit their responses until the end of the evaluation period. The course evaluation system will store students’ responses until the end of the evaluation period. This means that students can start evaluating a course from their phone or tablet and complete it from a computer, or vice-versa. As always, instructors, department chairs and deans will only be able to view course evaluation results, not the names of the students who provided it.

Students can view course evaluation responses to make informed decisions. Course evaluation responses help future students choose the courses that will best meet their academic interests and needs. Any student can lookup anonymous course evaluation responses for past semesters from

Changes also are being made to the way in which questions are added to course evaluations. Course instructors, as well as their dean and department chair, can add questions to the evaluation. As a result, students may notice some courses have short evaluations, while others may contain additional questions tailored to the course, department or school/college.

As in past semesters, all students will receive an email notifying them when the evaluation has period has begun, as well as periodic reminders to complete their evaluations. Questions regarding the course evaluation system may be directed to the Case Western Reserve Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357) or