Learn How to Make Your Digital Content Accessible to All Users During Weekly Guidance Sessions

Members of the Case Western Reserve University are invited to weekly digital accessibility support and guidance sessions each Friday from 1 to 1:30 p.m. These "Ask Teaching and Learning Technology’s Digital Accessibility team" interactive talks will delve into the world of digital accessibility. Participants will explore the best practices for making digital content accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.

From accessible documents to captions, a range of topics crucial for creating an inclusive digital environment will be covered. The digital accessibility team will aim to not only inform, but also engage attendees.

Questions and insights from all will be welcome, regardless of their knowledge of the topic.

Together, participants will unravel the complexities of accessibility guidelines, discover innovative tools, and share inspiring stories of how digital accessibility has made a positive impact.

A Google Drive folder has been created for the recorded presentations, transcripts and PowerPoint slides.

Fall 2023 schedule

Nov. 24: "What Is Alt Text?"

This session will address alt text and the importance of providing alt text that accurately conveys the content, purpose and significance of images, charts, graphs, and other visual elements used in educational materials.

View alt text resources.

Dec. 1: "What Are Descriptive Hyperlinks?"

This session will include an overview of how to create links within text that describe the purpose of the link.

View descriptive hyperlinks resources.

Dec. 8: "Why Are Color and Contrast Important?"

This session will explore color and contrast that all users can read text and distinguish.

View color and contrast resources.

Dec. 15: "What Is Page Structure"

This session will address how to apply page structure to digital documents and webpages.

View page structure resources.