Storage Changes to Box

You may have seen an article in The Daily earlier this month explaining that our contract with is changing and that we will no longer have unlimited storage available to us on that platform.

The use of Box is now limited to departmental or research data that requires the special protections for sensitive data that Box provides, such as health care data. Accounts will no longer be provisioned automatically for new employees.

  • If you have personal data on Box--data that does not need to be shared or transferred to another individual when you leave--then you should migrate that data to your P drive or to a personal storage device, such as a flash drive.
  • If you have departmental data that does not require the security of Box, then you should move it to Google Drive or your departmental U drive.
  • If you have files that are no longer need, delete them.

Until now, we have been replicating the structure and security of the U drive in Box, but we will be removing that structure in the future and limit it to departments that have a specific use case.

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