Lost your Phone, Token, or Key

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Lost Phone

Why remove your lost phone?

  • Even if you lose your phone, remember that your password will still protect your account. However, it is important to remove that phone from your Duo device list to protect your account from unauthorized access.
  • You should remove your phone even if your new phone uses the same phone number as your old phone.

What is a backup device?

  • A backup device is an additional device added to Duo for account recovery when your primary device is not available.
  • This can include a second smart phone, tablet, landline, token, or basic cell phone.

If you have a backup device:

  1. Go to the self-enrollment page.
  2. Choose your backup from the the 'devices' menu.
  3. Choose an authentication method (phone call or push).
  4. Click Manage devices.
  5. Answer the phone or accept the push notification to authenticate as you normally would.
  6. Find your lost device in the list of enrolled devices.
  7. Expand the "Actions" menu on the right hand side, and choose Remove Device.

If you have one, enroll your replacement device, using the instructions from the Overview page.

If you do not have a backup device:

Call the service desk to receive a one-time use passcode. Follow the instructions above and choose 'passcode' as an authentication method.

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New Phone

If you get a new phone you'll need to re-activate Duo Mobile. Enroll your new device yourself using the device management portal. For a new device with new phone number, follow the detailed enrollment instructions in the Overview page.

  1. Go to the self-enrollment page.
  2. Change the authentication method from Push to phone call.
  3. Click Manage devices.
  4. Answer your phone and press any key to authenticate.
  5. Find your lost device in the list of enrolled devices.
  6. Expand the "Actions" menu on the right hand side, and choose Activate Duo Mobile.
  7. Choose an appropriate operating system to show an enrollment QR code.
  8. Scan the QR code with the mobile application to enroll the new device.
  9. Detailed enrollment instructions for all supported mobile platforms are available in the Overview page.

Lost Key or Duo Token

If you lost a Duo token, report this to the Helpdesk immediately. The missing token will be removed from your account to protect it, and a new one can be purchased and assigned to you.