Video of the Month

Danger Finger Monthly Videos 

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each year, University Technology ([U]Tech) takes this opportunity to raise awareness about digital security, and to empower all members of the Case Western Reserve University community to protect personal and institutional data. 

To report a security issue, contact the service desk at 216.368.HELP, submit a ticket at, or reach out to UTech Information Security directly via email at


In December’s video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of strong password hygiene. They highlight the vulnerability of weak passwords, encouraging users to opt for longer, complex combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. The speaker advises against password reuse, suggesting the use of password managers for enhanced security. The key message is to take proactive steps to secure passwords and avoid common pitfalls to prevent potential security breaches.

(Phishing Baits)

In November's video, the speaker highlights the common tactics used in phishing attacks. These baits involve emails, text messages, and calls that aim to deceive individuals into taking actions that benefit cybercriminals. You have to stay vigilant, recognize phishing signs, and ignore such messages to stay safe. Use your 60 seconds wisely to spot and avoid scams. Always be aware of the danger finger!




(60 Seconds on Danger Finger)

In this video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of being cautious when dealing with cybersecurity threats like phishing and ransomware. They highlight the tendency for people to click on links and attachments in emails without thinking and suggest that taking control of this habit, referred to as the "danger finger," could prevent the majority of cyber attacks. The video encourages viewers to pause and think before clicking, advocating for greater awareness and caution in online interactions to enhance cybersecurity.