I-3 Information Technology Staffing Policy

Date Approved: January 11, 2019
Effective Date: January 11, 2019
Responsible Official: VP for University Technology and Chief Information Officer
Responsible Office: [U]Tech Finance and Administration
Revision History: Version 1.0; dated Jan 2, 2019
Related legislation and University policies: <as referenced in the policy>

Review Period:  5 Years 
Date of Last Review:  Jan 2, 2019
Related to:  Faculty, Staff


This document describes the directive for hiring of information technology personnel at Case Western Reserve University.

Coordination with Other Policies and Procedures

CWRU Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016

Policy I-1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology (AUP)


Not applicable.

Policy Statement


In 2016, CWRU published "[Re] Imagining IT, Case Western Reserve University’s Information Technology Strategic Plan" where overall strategy for a centralized IT organization was laid out. The university then created a single IT organization, named University Technology, or [U]Tech for short and began to combine organizational personnel to operate as a single organization within the university. These guidelines and definitions were developed by a cross-organizational committee tasked with addressing personnel issues.


  1. IT Personnel shall be hired and/or managed as part of the University Technology organization. This includes contractors and vendors supporting IT initiatives impacting IT infrastructure.
  2. University staff who are assigned with over 75% of their effort in management or support of information technology resources are considered IT Personnel.
  3. University staff working in IT roles with salaries funded by one or two closely associated research contracts/grants may be exempt from this policy.


University Technology: administer the information technology personnel development program

University Department of Human Resources: ensure all positions under the definition of IT Personnel are referred to University Technology organization for review


IT Personnel: persons who perform IT work. Examples of IT work include:

  • Support of desktop/personal/individual devices
  • Support of technology in classrooms, computer labs, shared printing stations, conference rooms, event spaces, etc.
  • Support of technical infrastructure including servers, storage, networking, A/V, etc.
  • Training and supporting users of technology
  • Application, database, and web software development
  • Support of classroom or academic technology
  • Information security
  • IT Management, Administration, and Financial Planning
  • Business Systems Analysis, and IT Project Management
  • Building Systems -Architectural, mechanical and control systems along with their respective subsystems, equipment, and components that connect with a network internet protocol address to a server-based or cloud-based service

Standards Review Cycle

This standard will be reviewed every three years on the anniversary of the policy effective date, at a minimum. The standard may be reviewed on a more frequent basis depending on changes of risk exposure.