II-2 Network ID and Account Expiration Policy

Date Approved: April 8, 2010
Effective Date: April 8, 2010
Responsible Official: Chief Information Security Officer
Responsible Office: [U]Tech Information Security Office
Revision History: Version 2.0; dated August 9, 2019
Related legislation and University policies: <as referenced in the policy>

Review Period:  5 Years
Date of Last Review:  August 9, 2019
Related to:  Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, affiliate account holders


The purpose of this policy is to define procedures user access to computing and information technology resources for the Case Western Reserve University community. The policy also defines account closure policy to assure compliance with applicable federal regulations and internal University policies.

Coordination with Other Policies and Procedures

The CWRU Network Account Closure Policy is closely aligned with these policies:

This operational policy is established by VP of UTech, under the CWRU Acceptable Use Policy.

Access to Information Technology Resources

User access to the University's information technology resources is a privilege. Global access to CWRU information technology resources is primarily granted via an active CWRU Network Account (CWRU Network ID). Network Accounts are granted to individuals who have a valid relationship between themselves and the University. Valid relationships are defined as:

Employer-Employee (e.g. staff, faculty)
Defined by receipt of salary, benefits, faculty appointment letter, emeritus status, etc.

Institution-Student (e.g. students)
Defined by enrollment status (at least part-time)

Institution-Affiliates (e.g. alumni, contractors, temporary access accounts, research associate at another university, students in a pre-admit status, etc.)
Defined by an approved sponsorship by an individual with an Employer-Employee relationship.

Various sub-categories of user account types are within the operational rules of these distinct relationships, and some overlap between these relationships exist. For this reason, a valid relationship is based upon the primary relationship.


This policy applies to all instances of CWRU computing and information technology resources including central accounts managed by IT Services, as well as departmental systems operated by various colleges and departments.


Upon cessation of the primary relationship between an individual and the University, CWRU UTech shall promptly suspend CWRU Network Accounts according to the following schedule.

  1. Upon termination of employment, CWRU Network Accounts shall be suspended within thirty(30)days of the employee's last work day or termination date. If the last work day or termination date are different, the earliest date shall be applicable. When circumstances require immediate termination of employee accounts, the Early Account Closure Procedure will be used.
  2. Upon termination of enrollment status, CWRU Network Accounts for students shall be suspended within 180 days of disenrollment. Disenrollment is defined as a change from 'activated' academic status to either "administratively withdrawn, completed, dismissal, discontinued, or suspended". If a student graduates, their academic status changes to "completed" and their account should be transferred to the Alumni affiliation status within 30 days of graduation.
  3. Affiliate accounts shall be suspended immediately upon:
    1. Notification for closure by the sponsor of the affiliate (relationship with the University has ended).
    2. Termination of employment by the sponsor.
    3. On an annual basis, which requires the sponsor to refresh the account status.
    4. For students in a pre-admission status, accounts will terminate on the first business day of September if the student has not matriculated by that date (they would be in student status).
  4. On occasion a terminated employee is also an enrolled student or a University alumnus. In the case of a terminated employee holding multiple concurrent relationships, the Early Account Closure Procedure will be used.

Review of the Policy

This policy shall be reassessed every two years. The Vice President for UTech is responsible for determining when the policy needs to be reviewed and the process for review and revision.


Activated Status: When a student has matriculated and is an active student in an academic program. Also applies to non-degree students.

Administratively Withdrawn: When a student is withdrawn for administrative reasons.

Completed: When a student has completed an academic program.

Discontinued: When a student discontinues attendance.

Dismissal: When a student is dismissed from an academic program by the University.

Suspended: When a student discontinues attendance.

Termination: When the employee-employer relationship has been severed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I am an employee who is also a CWRU Alumnus, and I leave Case Western Reserve for another job?

As of March 2019, you will no longer get to keep your abc123@case.edu email (GSuite) account, but your NetID will still remain active to permit you to login to other IT-based services for CWRU Alumni, such as obtaining transcripts. [U]Tech is piloting a separate alumni email account service for staff, permitting them to separate their academic and personal email from case.edu. If you are interested in this pilot program, please complete this online request form.We encourage CWRU Alumni to use the Google Takeout service to export your academic and personal data from GSuite prior to becoming an employee of the university. Contact the CWRU Help Desk for additional assistance. 

What if I am an employee who is also taking classes, and I leave Case Western Reserve for another job?

If you choose to continue taking classes, you will change your primary relationship status to that of a student. Your supervisor will need to assess the impact of your potential access to future business-related email and other information in GSuite, and your access will be re-established as a student only depending on risk to university information.

I'm a student and I'm studying abroad. Will my CWRU account be turned off?

While studying under a formal study-abroad program at CWRU, your account will remain active. 

I have an affiliate account, and my sponsor has left the university. How can I keep my account active?

All affiliates must have a current and valid sponsor. Your sponsor will be tasked with finding another sponsor in the department or organization that is willing to serve as your sponsor.

I am about to graduate/just graduated. How do I get my account changed to Alumni status?

Persons who meet the alumni criteria will have their accounts automatically switched to Alumni status when their student status is removed. Alumni account holders in good standing retain their access to CWRU GSuite Applications. The change impacting alumni is only if and when an alumnus becomes an employees of the university.