II-5 Copyright Notification Standard

Date Approved: May 2, 2011
Effective Date: May 2, 2011
Responsible Official: Chief Information Security Officer
Responsible Office: [U]Tech Information Security Office
Revision History: Version 1.0; dated May 2, 2011
Related legislation and University policies: <as referenced in the policy>

Review Period:  5 Years 
Date of Last Review:  May 2, 2011
Related to:  Faculty, Staff, Students, external reporters of potential copyright infringement


A standard approach to receipt and processing of copyright notifications for CWRU operations.


This Standard applies to external entities wishing to communicate with the university for the purpose of delivery of copyright infringement notices.


Not applicable.

Policy Statement


This procedure is to ensure streamlined and common inputs are received for copyright infringement notices.


The officially sanctioned address to receive copyright infringement notices is:


Administrative Procedure

  1. Any copyright infringement email notices shall be addressed by the sender to the officially sanctioned address.
  2. Automated report messages sent to the university shall adhere to the Automated Copyright Notification System ACNS 2.0 format.
  3. Automated messages sent to the officially sanctioned address will be processed by the university in accordance with its program to effectively combat illegal P2P file sharing.
  4. Copyright notifications not pertinent to P2P file sharing will be forwarded to the appropriate copyright compliance officials.
  5. Any copyright infringement email notices sent to any other email address may be discarded.


Copyright infringement bureaus: Ensure email notifications are correctly addressed, and automated messages adhere to ACNS 2.0 formatting

Case Information Security Staff: Process email notifications received (e.g. ensure registered computer owner is notified)

Case Network Owners: Discard email notifications pertaining to copyright infringement incorrectly addressed.

Copyright Compliance Officials: Investigate and address official copyright notifications not in the scope of P2P file sharing.


P2P- peer to peer technology


CWRU Copyright Policy (http://library.case.edu/copyright/cpolicypage.html)

ACNS 2.0 (http://www.acns.net/)

Standards Review Cycle

This procedure will be reviewed every three years on the anniversary of the policy effective date, at a minimum. The standard may be reviewed on a more frequent basis depending on changes of risk exposure.