Smart Phone Security

If you use a smartphone to access university information (e.g., Student Information System, Human Capital Management), you should employ the passcode option to help secure your device in the event it is lost or stolen.

iOS devices

University Technology offers iOS device users a pre-configured profile they can install on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This profile serves two purposes:

  1. Allows you to enter a passcode for your device that is five characters or longer
  2. Ensures your phone connects to the wireless network "CaseWireless" instead of "CaseGuest."


  1. Remove any lock codes, CWRU VPN profiles, and CWRU WiFi profiles
  2. Download the latest configuration file for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  3. Select "install now"
  4. Enter a passphrase for your device that is at least five characters long

Android devices

Users are encouraged to use the pattern option to unlock Android devices. Pre-configured profiles for Android devices are not available at this time.


  1. Launch "settings"
  2. Select “location and security settings”
  3. Select “set unlock pattern”
  4. There will be an information screen that explains the unlock patterns, press “next”
  5. This screen shows an example pattern, press “next”
  6. Draw your unlock pattern, press “next”
  7. Draw the same pattern again, press “confirm”
  8. Press the “back” button
  9. Select “sound and display”
  10. Select “screen timeout”
  11. Choose a time that is five minutes or less