Tools and Services

‌Information security is of the highest priority at Case Western Reserve. Read below to learn what security tools and services you should or must be using at the university. 

Information Security staff are available to:

  • Perform risk assessments
  • Security consultations
  • Data security plans
  • Research data safety and/or management plans
  • Computer safety training and more

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Not actively using research data?
Project ended?
Need to make more space available?

Archive Your Data!

It's here when you need it, not taking up valuable active, needed space.

[U]Tech Research Data Archive provides a low cost mechanism to store inactive data in a way not previously possible. Utilizing the first RESTful interface to tape, Research Storage Archive provides storage and client interaction via REST, allowing users to move large data sets easily to and from the research archive (Spectra Blackpearl deep storage system).

RCCI will assist you to:

  • Archive data to one set of tapes, eject and the lab keeps the tapes.
  • Archive data to two sets of tapes, both sets of tapes are ejected. One set is kept with UTech and the other is kept by the lab.
  • Archive data to two sets of tapes with offsite vaulting. One set is kept with UTech and the other is kept by UTech's offsite facility.
  • Active archive. Tape is kept online and in the Spectra library.


  • Price of tapes at market cost
  • Price of tapes at market cost and Cintas fees per CWRU contract
  • Price of tapes at market cost and cost of slot rental ($200 per slot utilized per year)

To obtain general information or if you have support questions regarding this service contact: or call the [U]Tech Service Desk at 216.368.4357 

If you have a security problem, question, configuration issue, or have had a network host placed in quarantine, please call the [U]Tech Service Desk at 216.368.HELP.