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Recognizing Creativity and Novelty in Visualization

Visualization is an area in which creativity and novelty are appreciated in describing or presenting information. Numerous organizations sponsor contests to promote visualization as a unique activity through drawing attention to notable visualization products. A list of sponsored contests are provided here along with deadlines and links to submission guidelines.

CASC Annual Viz Contest

The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computing sponsors an annual contest to select images to appear within their brochure and on their website. The CASC is an influential group that advises the National Science Foundation on scientific computing current practices and future needs. CWRU is a long-time coalition member institution. The contest deadline occurs in mid-May.

CASC 2014 submission: Modeling to generate an evolving view of a high-energy phase transition.

An image prepared by graduate student James Mertens, CWRU Physics, is shown below, and was one of the submissions for the 2014 contest. The image depicts evolving view of a high-energy phase transition, in which bubbles are nucleated, grow, and eventually collide and coalesce. As bubbles grow, they create a high-temperature wave moving expanding at relativistic speeds. A cooler phase is left behind. After the bubbles collide, a turbulent thermalization process takes place. The work was performed under the direction of Tom Giblin (Harvey F. Lodish Development Professor of Natural Science and Assistant Professor of Physics at Kenyon College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics, CWRU). For more details, see to download a preprint (being submitted to Phys. Rev. D)

high-energy phase transition, nucleated bubbles growing, colliding and coalescing