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The UTech High Performance Computing service at CWRU provides a stable computing environment in support of research at the university.  Managed services include provisioning account access to our computational resources, assistance in optimizing and providing answers to questions about use of the resource.  

Access Levels

UTech provides two different levels of access to university faculty who wish to utilize the resource. Guest level membership access is available for faculty members that want to try out HPC services for a period of one year. Along with basic consultation services guest membership provides:

  • 36 hours of walltime per job
  • 24 processors in simultaneous use by jobs by group
  • 12 jobs permitted to run simultaneously within a guest group
  • A soft disk quota of 120 GB and a hard disk quota of 240 GB

UTech also provides a membership option that offers additional resources beyond basic access. In addition to expanded consultation services including application installation and administration we also provide the following computational resources to our members.

  • 320 hours of walltime per job
  • Total number of processors in simultaneous use by jobs within a member group is expanded to four times the size of the membership share of that group
  • No limit on the total number of simultaneous jobs for any member account or account group
  • A soft disk quota of 600 GB and a hard disk quota of 840 GB.


HPC services are funded through a mixture of UTech operating funds and faculty membership subscriptions. Subscriptions can be paid for through direct investment in HPC equipment or an annual charge per the amount of resources a researcher utilizes. UTech utilizes these funds to pay for licensing and infrastructure upgrades as necessary. Please contact UTech Research Computing for additional information.