Research Archive Storage

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Research Archive Storage provides the CWRU research community an option to store data that has long term value, though is only infrequently accessed. Built on a high density storage platform, the system archives data generated from research activities and allows for convenient movement of large and diverse datasets into a UTech managed system.

Operation of Research Archive Storage is guided by usage policies approved by the Advisory Committee on Research Computing. Please contact UTech Research Computing for additional information.

Research Archive Storage Attributes

  • Storage is purchased in units of tapes (redundancy is included).  Current tapes can hold at least 5 TB of data and as much as 10 TB of data if data compression is used. 

  • Tapes will be archived for no more than 8 years and can be upgraded as needed to next generation technology.

  • Provides users with a defined object storage bucket; caches data on high-speed SSD storage; and determines the best method to write the data to tape in order to maximize system performance and minimize cost.

  • Accessible by multiple clients including the HPC. 

  • Protected using multiple sets of tape once caching is complete.

  • Connected to high speed networking and capable of high speed data transfers.

  • Not designed for small files (less than 100MB). Files should be archived together using tar or equivalent application first.


To learn more information regarding this service please view our Research Storage Service Document.


  • Research Data Storage - Scalable storage and high-speed networking allow researchers across all departments at Case Western Reserve University to securely store and access their data.

  • High Performance Computing - The UTech High Performance Computing service at CWRU provides stable, multi-purpose, high performance computational resources, allowing users to run many single or parallel jobs.

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  • External Resources - While our resource serves well for many research uses, it is not of adequate size to handle larger computational tasks that may require several hundred or several thousand simultaneous processors.  For those larger jobs, there are other resources available to CWRU researchers that are both free and commercially available.

Who manages the Research Storage Service?

How can I get the Research Storage Service?

  • Please contact the Service Manager for information on using Case Research Storage.

Where can I find more information about UTech Research Computing and Research Storage?