Adobe Connect FAQ

Adobe Connect offers a media-rich method of collaboration and interaction that can supplement or replace traditional face-to-face forms of communication, such as meetings and classroom time. The video and audio features give participants access to the visual and audible cues that are so crucial to successful collaboration.

Teams may gather and work together from distant geographic locations, presenters can reach audiences in other cities or states, and instructors can provide course material to students anywhere. In any meeting, meeting hosts can record meetings and presentations for any participants to review at a later time.

Connect is a useful tool for many members of the campus community. It may be used at no cost by Case Western Reserve students, faculty and staff members for meetings, online class sessions, presentations, online conferences and small group collaboration.

Navigate to, enter your CWRU network ID and password. Click Login.

To create a meeting room, follow the instructions in the Creating a Meeting document.

Yes, once you create a meeting room, you may use it as many times as you like. It will be available at the assigned URL and on the Meetings tab of the Connect user interface until you choose to delete it.

There are three main roles you can have in a meeting: Meeting Host, Presenter and Participant.

Meeting Host

  • Set up meetings, invite guests, approve guests, put rooms on hold or end them
  • Add or edit layouts
  • Promote and demote participants to the presenter or host role
  • Switch to preparing mode to create or edit layouts for a different presentation
  • Show media and content, share screens, broadcast audio and video and change the meeting room properties
  • Control participant audio and video broadcast
  • Record the meeting room


  • Show media, slides and content, and share screens
  • Chat, answer questions, and broadcast live audio and video


  • View and participate in a meeting
  • View the content being shown, hear and see the presenter's audio and video broadcast, use text chat, take polls and download files
  • If given permission, broadcast audio and video
  • If given permission, control specific Pods

Anyone logging in to Adobe Connect has the ability to create a meeting, which automatically gives Host privileges.

See for details. To see if you have all of the Adobe add-ins, check the Connect Downloads page for more information and resources. The Adobe Connect Add-in, which is a special version of Flash Player, is not required to participate in a meeting. It offers additional features for Meeting Hosts and Presenters only, such as sharing screens during a meeting, support for uploading files and additional audio support.

There is no limit for a meeting, however CWRU is currently licensed for 250 simultaneous or concurrent users of the Adobe Connect server. Therefore, we can support five meetings of 50 users at the same time, or twenty-five meetings of 10 users, and so on. Once there are 250 users on the Adobe Connect server, no additional users will be able to join a current meeting.

The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded into Adobe Connect is 100 megabytes. Any files greater than 100 megabytes that are uploaded may fail during the upload process.

Adobe Connect does not provide an ability to control how many users are allocated to a meeting, so there is no way to reserve or guarantee.

There is no cost to students, faculty, and staff members affiliated with CWRU to use Adobe Connect.

For anytime assistance with Adobe Connect, contact the UTech Service Desk at or call 216.368.HELP (4357).

Yes, Adobe Connect meetings can be recorded and saved for playback. Since Adobe Connect records the events rather than just static screenshots, participants or absent attendees may play the recording in whatever size they would like, as well as use some of the interactive features that a typical participant would have been able to leverage. Adobe Connect can even be used to pre-record lectures for later viewing by students.

Yes, Adobe Connect meetings can be recorded and shared with people who do not have access to the Adobe Connect server. Please see the topic called Download a Recorded Meeting for directions.

Yes, anyone can join a meeting that is configured to accept guests. This configuration is at the discretion of the meeting host. Hosts have 3 options when configuring the meeting: numbers 2 and 3 will allow guests to enter without a CWRU network ID.

  1. "Only registered users may enter the room (guest access is blocked)"
  2. "Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room"
  3. "Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room"

Yes, if you are the Meeting Host, select Chat pod options followed by Email Chat History.

Yes, before the upgrade occurs, your user data will be saved.

Yes, the Adobe Connect Mobile app is available for many mobile operating systems. See the Adobe product page for more information.