Screen Sharing Improvements

Screen sharing is a large part of what make Adobe Connect a great collaboration tool. These new enhancements make it easier than ever to share your screen and stay connected with your meeting audience.

New Features

Preview Window

The new preview window lets you see exactly which applications or windows you are sharing with your audience. You can select multiple applications or windows to share simply by selecting them from the preview window, then by clicking Share.

Adobe Connect Screen Sharing Options

You can also choose to make the Share Pod full screen for your audience by selecting the options Make Share Pod Full Screen for Attendees at the bottom of the window.

Screen Sharing Control Panel

When you are sharing your screen, the new Screen Sharing Control Panel appears. This Mini Control helps you check-in on the status of your meeting while still sharing your screen.

Adobe Connect Share Icons Bar

 Learn more about what each icon means below.

Adobe Connect Screen Share Icon

Shows you what is being shared with your audience. You can choose to stop sharing or to pause and annotate your shared content.

Adobe Connect Camera Icon

Shows you the webcams active in the room. You can start, pause, or stop your webcam from this tab. You can also use it to see your participants' cameras.

Adobe Conect Mic Icon

Connects your microphone, allowing users to hear you speak. Clicking this button again mutes your microphone; clicking again unmutes.

Adobe Connect Audio Icon

Lets you adjust the audio volume for your speakers.


Adobe Connect Participants Icon

Shows you the attendee list for the room and lets you change user roles, start breakout rooms, or mute attendees.

Adobe Connect Chat Icon

Shows the chat for the room while sharing your screen, which eliminates the need to switch between windows to monitor the chat.

Adobe Connect Notifications Icon

Shows you any notifications that require your attention, such as a request from a user to join the meeting room.