Whiteboard Improvements

Adobe Connect's new whiteboard features have changed the game when it comes to drawing content within your meeting. In addition to several new tools, you can now let your audience participate in the drawing.

New Features:

New Tools Palette

Adobe Connect now features an entirely new set of tools to let you annotate, draw, and doodle during your meeting. These tools appear when you share a whiteboard and work great whether you're on a tablet, touchscreen, or traditional computer.

Adobe Connect Whiteboard Annotated example

Many of these tools now have options available for them. Simply click on the small arrow to the right of the icon (indicated in red above) to see the extra options.

Color Picker

You're no longer stuck with Adobe Connect's default colors; you can use the new color picker feature to select any color of the rainbow! Click on the Color button to select the color for your pen, shape, or text.

Adobe Connect Color Picker


Layers Menu

The new whiteboard now gives you the ability to rearrange layers that you've added. Use the Selection Tools to select the item you wish to move, then click on the Layers Tool. Select where to move the selected item and you're all set!

Adobe Connect Layers Combined example

Let Participants Draw

By popular demand, participants can now draw on the whiteboard within a meeting room. There are three ways to allow participants to draw:

  1. Allow an Individual Permission - Place your cursor over the individual's name on the participant pod and select Enable Drawing from the menu that appears. 
  2. Allow Everyone for Specific Whiteboard - Click on the menu for that specific pod (located in the upper right corner of the pod) and select Enable Participants to Draw.
  3. Allow Everyone for all Whiteboards - Click on the Meeting button, then select Preferences. Click on the Whiteboard setting and select Enable Participants to Draw.