New Quizzes

The Canvas New Quizzes tool is an assessment tool within Canvas that is slated to replace the current quiz function (now known as "Classic Quizzes") within Canvas. Here we've gathered information on the transition to New Quizzes and will be posting updates as the transition progresses.

New Quizzes offers new functionality that Classic Quizzes wasn't capable of, including:

  • New question types, including Stimulus, Ordering, and Hot Spot.
  • Set an accommodation for a student across all course quizzes.
  • Require a waiting period between multiple attempts.
  • Provide different point values by selected answer for multiple choice type questions.

New Quizzes is an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) tool, which is a separate application that plugs-in to Canvas. As a result, you will notice some differences in the New Quizzes user experience over the current Classic Quizzes experience; however, much of the same functionality has been retained in New Quizzes. 


New Quizzes will replace Classic Quizzes, but the transition to New Quizzes will be gradual. There's plenty of time to make the move and ensure your existing quizzes will continue to work well with New Quizzes. Below is a consolidated timeline, where we'll be adding more specifics once New Quizzes has been evaluated to meet the needs of all CWRU courses.

Please note at this time, Instructure doesn't have a formal deadline for when Classic Quizzes will no longer be supported. The Canvas team at CWRU has suggested the following timeline, but dates may be adjusted if Instructure chooses to enforce an adoption deadline.

This is the time to delve into New Quizzes and take a look at the new tools and interface. Try exploring in your sandbox course to try the quiz creation process, the Classic-to-New Quizzes Migration tool, and new question types.

  • Ready to explore? Create a quiz in your Canvas course, and when prompted, select New Quizzes
  • Need a sandbox course? Each faculty and staff member can create one using the Canvas Wizard.

During this exploration window, Instructure will continue to release updates and features for New Quizzes. We'll make sure to share more information about these features when they becomes available on the New Canvas Features page!

Beginning January 8, 2024, when creating a quiz in a Canvas course, you'll see the option to create either a Classic Quiz or New Quiz.

We will have plenty of resources available describing how to reuse existing quizzes, migrate question banks, and build from scratch using New Quizzes.

During this phase, you will no longer be able to create Classic Quizzes; all new quizzes must be created using New Quizzes. Classic Quizzes can be still be taken by students and can be edited by instructors. Any Classic Quizzes at this point should be migrated to New Quizzes as soon as possible.

At this point, Classic Quizzes will no longer be available as an option in Canvas, and will be completely replaced by New Quizzes. After this point, until a yet-to-be-determined point in the future, Classic Quizzes will be retained in a database for archival purposes only.

Considerations & Limitations

Before getting started with New Quizzes, it is strongly recommended to review the current considerations for using New Quizzes. The considerations page discusses current limitations of New Quizzes and intended changes that users can expect to see in the upcoming months.