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Turnitin (Tii) is a digital plagiarism detection tool that can help ensure that student academic writing submissions are free of unintentional or intentional plagiarism. Turnitin functionality is now available via Canvas assignments to help with plagiarism detection and grading. 

Whether seeking to discourage plagiarism or to provide students with a developmental writing tool, Turnitin can help both faculty and students maintain academic integrity. Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck compares writing submission against submissions of other students, digital resources and journals.  

Turnitin's Plagiarism Framework

Turnitin’s Plagiarism Framework is now available in Canvas. Like the existing External Tool setup, the Plagiarism Framework can be enabled in any Online Submission Canvas assignment with just a few clicks.

The Framework will support the use of Canvas’s native group assignment functionality, resubmissions with unique Originality Reports, and more flexible due dates. The new Plagiarism Framework does not support the use of Turnitin’s grading tools, including rubrics, or PeerMark. You can, however, use Canvas’s grading tools, rubrics, and peer review functionality. 

As we implement Turnitin’s Plagiarism Framework, the External Tool will still be available in Canvas. You can compare the features of both versions in your Canvas courses!

Turnitin AI Detection Tool

Turnitin has added a new artificial intelligence (AI) detection feature that may be able to determine whether students have utilized ChatGPT or another AI tool to aid in their writing process. This new functionality is being offered as a feature preview by Turnitin for current users of the Turnitin tool. Faculty and staff who use Turnitin to review paper submissions will see the new AI detection score as part of the Feedback Studio interface. 

Turnitin states that they have confidence in their new tool’s ability to predict AI-generated text, but that the tool does not make any determination of misconduct and is intended only to provide educators data with which to make an informed decision. 

In addition, [U]Tech cannot guarantee that the tool will correctly predict AI-generated text due to the speed at which the technology is developing. In addition to current AI tools available, other technologies commonly used by students such as MS Office and the Google Suite will likely soon incorporate AI components. Therefore, the results of Turnitin’s AI-detection tool should not be used as the sole basis for action by an instructor. 

Learn more about the AI Detection tool and report

Turnitin Training Resources

Turnitin provides a variety of training resources and supports to help instructors and students use the combined power of Canvas and Turnitin.

Canvas LTI: Instructors 

Plagiarism Framework: Instructors 

Canvas LTI: Students

Plagiarism Framework: Students

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