CWRU Network ID and Passphrase Information

Your CWRU network ID, also referred to as “username” or “login,” is generated when you are hired. Your network ID is used to access restricted online resources, such as WebMail, the Student Information System, eStore, Software Center and Launchpad portal.

Passphrase Requirements

You are responsible for all actions taken with your network ID and passphrase. It is not to be shared. You will create your CWRU passphrase during your network ID activation. Passphrases do not expire for users enrolled in Duo Security two-factor authentication. For users not enrolled in two-factor authentication, passphrases expire every year. The following passphrase complexity requirements are mandatory for all CWRU accounts:

  • Minimum required character length of 12
  • Can contain words and spaces (e.g. “correct horse battery staple”)
  • Passphrase complexity will be calculated by a meter while the user creates it
  • Minimum complexity is required to ensure passphrases will be strong, as indicated by a “green” score on the passphrase meter
  • Users enrolled in CWRU Duo Security two-factor authentication system will no longer need to change their login passphrases annually.

Helpful Hints:

  • Passphrase should be long enough to be difficult to guess
  • It should be unique to you
  • Cannot contain your name or network ID
  • Hard to guess by intuition, even by someone who knows the user well
  • Easy to remember and type accurately
  • Must not be reused between sites, applications, systems, and other different sources

Click here for more information on passphrase policy.

Note: You are responsible for all actions taken with your network ID and passphrase. CWRU UTech will never ask you for your passphrase or other restricted information.