PeopleSoft - Approving a Requisition


This guide explains how to approve requisitions for both special items that proceed to a buyer and SmartCART items that are processed correctly.  The same method is used for each type of requisition.


  1. From the Main Menu, click the Employee Self-Service link.
  2. Click Procurement link.
  3. Click Manage Requisitions link.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot of the Manage Requisitions form
  4. Click the Date From column header to sort by date if necessary. All headers are links to be used to sort from ascending to descending order.
  5. Click the requisition link for the requisition you’d like to approve.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot of Requisition Details information
  6. On the Requisition Details Page, click the checkbox next to the items to approve. Click the View Line Details button.
  7. To view the requisition and any attachments, click the Edit Requisition button at the bottom of the page. When completed, click Cancel Changes on the requisition. To return, click the Worklist link at the top of the page.
  8. To view the line details which contains Speedtype and Account information, click the View Line Details button. The information will be listed below the line item.
  9. Click the Expand Section button to see the approver’s and/or buyers
  10. Enter any comments in the Enter Approver Comments field.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot of Requisition Approval form
  11. Click the Approve or Deny button.
  12. On the Requisition Approval Page, you may click the Expand button on the comments to see additional information.
  13. Click Return to Worklist link to continue approving items.

End of procedure