PeopleSoft - Manage Requisitions


This guide explains how to view the approvals and status of your requisition, as well as search for requisitions and purchase orders.


  1. From the Main Menu, click the eProcurement link.
  2. Click Manage Requisitions link.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot of Manage Requisitions form
  3. From the Manage Requisitions screen, you can enter criteria to search for your requisition(s). You will also see a list of requisition to choose from.
  4. If you are retrieving a requisition from Search Requisitions, enter the desired search criteria and click the Search button. If your requisition is listed in the Requisitions section, click the link that corresponds with your desired requisition.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot of Requisition Details information
  5. The Requisition Details screen contains all the details of your requisition. To edit the requisition, click the Edit Requisition button.
  6. To see the “Line of Life” or requisition details, click the Expand Section button next to the requisition you want to see.
  7. To return to the Manage Requisitions page, click Return to Manage Requisitions link.

End of Procedure