PeopleSoft - Petty Cash


This business process demonstrates how a department can enter petty cash receipts and add backup documentation.

Petty Cash Disbursement Entry:

This module explains the procedure for entering petty cash disbursements.

  1. From the Main Menu, click Case Petty Cash Management link.
  2. Click Cash Disbursement Entry link.
    Screenshot of the Petty Cash Disbursement Entry screen featuring completed "Disbursement ID", " Petty Cash Transaction Type" and "User ID" fields
  3. ‌On the Petty Cash Disbursement Entry screen, click the Add a New Value tab to enter a new deposit.
  4. Click Add button.
    Screenshot of Deposit Entry screen with Deposit Summary and Deposit Distribution sections visible
  5. ‌Enter the desired information in the Payee Name field. Enter a valid value (e.g. "Jayne Doe").  
  6. Enter the desired information into the Descr field for the total voucher. Enter a valid value (e.g. "cups and drinks").  
  7. Enter the desired information into the Description field for the distribution line. Enter a valid value (e.g. "cups"). 
  8. Enter the desired information into the Distribution Line field.  (Enter "5.50") *** Please Note *** The limit on Petty Cash Vouchers is $75.00.
  9. Enter the desired information into the Speedtype field. Enter a valid speedtype (e.g. "OPR261221").
  10. Enter the desired information in the Account field. Enter a valid value (e.g. "531100").
    • RES/TRN/SPC/OSA/OPR/INS/END/VSN speedtypes should be used in combination with Account #5xxxxx.
    • AGY speedtypes should be used in combination with Account #203290.
    • LON/RECV/PYBL/DEPS/DINC/INC/BEN/SERV speedtypes should not be used for Petty Cash Vouchers.
    • Travel items should all be reimbursed via the Travel and Expense module and should no longer be included in P/C vouchers.
  11. If you have specified an event code, then enter that code in the Event column.
  12. If you have more receipts to enter, click the Add a New Row button to add more details.
  13. Click the Save button.
    Screenshot of the receipt for submission with "I hereby certify that I have reviewed and agree with the amounts listed above" along with fields for "Name", "Phone" and "Signature" printed on it
  14. Backup documentation can now be attached to the Petty Cash Voucher. Backup documentation should include copies of all checks, check stubs and/or respective non-negotiable advices. The backup documentation should support the purpose and source of the voucher being made. Click the Backup Documentation link.
  15. Enter Comments relating to your attachment into the Comments field.
  16. To add an attachment, click the Add button. *** Please Note *** Only one attachment may be added per journal. It is best to consolidate your attachments into one file.
    Petty Cash Voucher Entry Form with  with the "Business Unit", "Deposit ID", "Deposit Date", "User ID", "Deposit Status", "Posted Status" all filled in with "Receipt for deposit" in the visible Comments section and an add attached files area
  17. The Upload window opens. Click the Browse button.
  18. The Dialog box opens. Choose the file from your list and click the Open button.
  19. The File Path populates in the field. Click the Upload button.
    Screenshot of the Deposit Entry Screen with the "Business Unit", "Deposit ID", "Deposit Date", "User ID", "Deposit Status", "Posted Status" all filled in with "Backup documentation for deposit" in the visible Comments section and a Cisco doc in the add attached files area
  20. Notice that the Add button is greyed out. This means you cannot add anymore attachments to this particular journal. To View your attachment, click the View button. *** Please Note *** Internet Explorer users; hold Ctrl key and click View button. To delete your attachment, click the Delete button.
  21. To print your receipt, click the Printer Friendly Disbursement link on the Petty Cash Voucher Entry tab.
  22. A new page will pop up a screen while the file is being generated. Make sure that your pop up blocker is turned off.
  23. Print the form using the print icon or the File -> Print on your browser.
    Screenshot of Printer Friendly Disbursement form with fields "Signature of Payer", "Approver Name Printed", "Signature of Approver", "Phone", "Office Use Only: Cashier" and "Date". It als has the following text printed on it;"Individuals may cash only one voucher per day- maximum of $75.00 per voucher. Must have valid Photo ID to redeem voucher (Case Id Card, Driver's License ect.) VOID AFTER 90 Days.)
  24. The authorized department approver should sign the form. The payee also needs to sign the form. The payee then takes the form, their ID and the original receipts to the Cashier's Office for payment. *** Please Note *** The Payee and Approver may not be the same person. All Petty Cash Vouchers must be cashed within 90 days of receipt.

End of Procedure