PeopleSoft - Receiving Assets via eProcurement


This guide explains how to receive assets in eProcurement. 


  1. From the Main Menu, click the eProcurement link.
  2. Click Manage Requisitions link.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot showing the Manage Requisitions form populated with sample data
  3. If necessary, change the request status to PO(s) Dispatched to see those PO(s) that will need to be received. 

    Click the Search button.
  4. Select the requisition that needs to be received. From the dropdown menu, select Receive and click Go.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot showing Received Items screen with 3 sample requisitions. Below is a button labeled Check All and another labeled Clear All
  5. Select the requisition lines that need to be received. If you are receiving all items, click the Check All button.
  6. Click Receive Selected button.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot showing showing Received Items form. A user can update information such as the quantity received.
  7. Verify received date on the Receive Items page.
  8. Click the Save Receipt button. You will receive a receipt number.
    PeopleSoft Financials screen shot showing a receipt for the requisitions that were received.
  9. From the Receipt Saved Successfully page, you can see the items received and receipt number. 

    You can return to Manage Requisitions or Return to Receiving to receive additional items.

End of Procedure