Creating a GitHub Account for CWRU

  1. After completing the GitHub request form, you will receive an invitation from GitHub to join a CWRU organization. Click on "Authenticate to join" to accept.
    Invitation to join the cwru-all GitHub organization, with a green button with white text that says "Authenticate to join".
  2. Log in through Single Sign-On (SSO), using your network ID followed by "". For example,
    Single Sign-On for GitHub
  3. After signing in, you will be prompted to create a GitHub account. In the "Pick a username" textbox enter a username you would like to use for your GitHub account. Then enter a unique password. For online security reasons this should be different from your CWRU passphrase.
    Create a GitHub account
  4. After the GitHub account is created, go to or and log in using your CWRU Single Sign On credentials

For more information on using GitHub, visit