Gmail for iPhone and iPad

How to setup the Gmail app for CWRU email on iPhone and iPad

The following instructions describe how to download the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad, and use it with CWRU email. These instructions can be repeated for attaining the Google Calendar app as well.

1.  Go to the App Store.

iPhone Home screen with App store highlighted

2.  Type Gmail into the search bar.‌‌

Apple App Store with Gmail in Search box

3.  Download the app by tapping Get.

Gmail App Page with Get highlighted

4.  Open the app and enter the CWRU Network ID version of your email address (e.g., in to the Email field. Leave the password field blank and tap Sign in

Googel Sign in screen with sign in button highlighted

5.  In the CWRU Single Sign-on window, enter your Network ID and password. Tap LOGIN

CWRU Single Sign on with Log in button highlighted

6.  Tap Go to Inbox and then use the menu to navigate this mobile version of the Gmail interface.

Gmail User Interface