Google Drive for desktop

If you prefer to work on non-Google formatted files from your desktop, you can install Google Drive for desktop.

For download information and instructions, visit the Google Drive for desktop support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use Box for any work files that need to be treated with confidentiality. Google is not appropriate for these type of information.

It may take longer to complete syncing when working on unusually large files. Try caching the file locally for quicker performance, i.e. save to your hard drive or another local drive instead of through the network / to the cloud, and if necessary do a network sync after work on the file is done.

Yes. Visit the instruction web page shown above for download information.

In general, most all CWRU users using desktops/laptops supplied by the institution will meet the system requirements:

  • Windows 7 and up
  • High Sierra (10.13) and up