Cisco 7x90 Phone Configuration Settings - KBA 84533

Cisco 7x90 phones connected to the campus VoIP network must have the switch port set for "10FULL". Use of "10AUTO" or other configuration options results in robotic or "Darth Vader"-like voice quality. Use the phone’s settings button to verify or change this setting.

How to change the "Switch Port Configuration" setting:

  1. Hang up the phone.
  2. Press the settings button.
  3. Press (or scroll to Network Configuration and press Select).
  4. Press 39 with no time between digits (or scroll to SW Port Configuration and press Select).
  5. Make sure that the "39 SW Port Configuration" line is highlighted.
  6. Press **# (star, star, pound). The Edit soft button will appear.
  7. Enter "10F" using the keypad.
    1. Press the number one time until a appears in the screen
    2. Press the number (zero) four times until a 0 appears next to the 1
    3. Press the number three times until the letter f appears next to 10
  8. Make sure it says 10f on your screen.
  9. Press Validate.
  10. Press Save.
  11. When the configuring stops, pick up the handset as if you are going to make a call, then hang up the handset.
  12. If another device will be plugged into this phone’s "PC Port," use the above procedure to set 40 PC Port:
    1. • A phone daisy-chained to this phone – set 40 PC Port to 10FULL
    2. An Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) daisy-chained to this phone – set 40 PC Port to 10HALF