Cisco VoIP Phone User Guide - KBA 84891

The Cisco Phone User Guide document contains details about how to use many of the functions for the Cisco 79xx, 78xx & 88xx series phones.

 Included are directions on how to:

  • Place calls (to both on-campus and off-campus numbers)
  • End calls
  • Put a call on hold
  • Transfer a call
  • Place a conference call
  • Personalize phone options
  • Use abbreviated dialing
  • Use the iDivert function
  • Use the Barge, cBarge, and Privacy keys on a shared line
  • Use call logs
  • Use the campus directory
  • Retrieve voicemail messages
  • Use the call park feature
  • Use the call pickup feature
  • Prevent the display of your telephone number when making a call
  • Adjust the contrast of the phone’s screen
  • Change your phone’s ringtone

Model 7940/7960 User Guide

Model 7800 User Guide

Model 8831 Conference Phone User Guide

Model 8800 Series User Guide (Includes 8841 & 8851)