Spam - KBA 8738

When Google marks an email message as "Spam," it is put in a separate Spam screen in the online inbox. This works well for users and users of clients that connect with an IMAP server. They can periodically look at their Spam folder and see if there is anything that should NOT have gone in there. However, POP server users and those individuals who forward email to another inbox don’t get to see the messages in the Spam folder. Consequently, it is difficult for these users to check their online inbox and locate messages that were erroneously sent to Spam.


The only solution is for POP users and Forwarding users is to periodically log into and check their Spam folder.

Note: It has also been the case that many people do NOT have their Spam folder visible on the webmail screen. To get the Spam folder to show up:

  1. log into 
  2. Select Settings 
  3. Select Labels 
  4. Under System Labels select Show next to the Spam folder entry.