Qualtrics Information

Qualtrics is a survey tool that allows for easy collection of feedback from customers, employees, or any other stakeholder.

To begin using Qualtrics, visit the Qualtrics Activation page.

After activating your account, access Qualtrics by visiting cwru.qualtrics.com.

Start learning how to use this tool through the creation of a simple survey. Qualtrics provides great step-by-step instructions to get you started.

When distributing a survey through Qualtrics, update the "From:" email address to show NetworkID@surveys.case.edu (i.e. abc123@surveys.case.edu). This will ensure the email avoids the user's spam filter.

To use this, edit your survey, select "Distributions" from the horizontal menu bar, then select "Emails" from the left side menu. Click "Compose Email" and update the "From Address".

Picture shows the Distribution Form Box in Qualtrics


  • "Consolidating duplicate contacts" in a mailing list is now available under the List Options drop down.
  • If you are adding contacts from a survey, please review these instructions to learn how to accomplish this same task in XM Directory.
  • The XM Directory trims white space at the end or the beginning of the embedded data field name.
    • Note: In order to prevent duplicate embedded data after the migration, we will replace white space with double underscores. For example, a brand that has two embedded data fields named “Age” and “ Age”. After the migration, “Age” and “__Age” will be displayed as two distinct embedded data fields in the directory for the brand. Instructions for merging/consolidating duplicate embedded data fields can be found on our support page.
  • The new backend continues to support exporting contacts into CSV and TSV format, but XML and HTML formats are not supported.
  • If Data Isolation is enabled for your brand, data in XM Directory will be encrypted after the migration is finished. Data Isolation has many benefits, but does result in some limitations on searching data in XM Directory. You can learn more by visiting this support page.

This migration will occur in the background, so there is no direct action that you need to take in the platform to prepare. However, we do recommend that you review the support pages associated with the XM Directory and begin to familiarize yourself with the new UI and features.