Qualtrics Webinars

Qualtrics offers free on-demand webinars to learn more about the service. Here are a few.

Designing a Survey
This training is designed for anyone new to the discipline of XM and the Qualtrics platform. Learn how to confidently design a survey, based on best practice methodologies, and configure survey logic and settings to create a personalized experience.
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Launching a Survey
This training is designed to help you understand the methods of distribution available within Qualtrics, and which distribution methods best suit your needs.
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Reporting in Qualtrics
This training is designed to help you effectively report your data and share it with necessary stakeholders. Learn how to design and customize your reports and dashboards to effectively tell a story.
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Review the full list on the Qualtrics web site.

How to Register

  1. After clicking on "Register" on the Qualtrics webinar page you will see a sign on screen. Click on "Sign in with SSO"
    Qualtrics login boxes with sign in with SSO highlighted
  2. In the Organization ID box type "cwru" and click "Continue"
    Qualtrics Organization ID text box with CWRU filled in
  3. Log into CWRU's Single Sign On (SSO) and DUO Security
  4. If it's a Live Training course, click on Register
    Qualtrics webinar register page with the Register box highlighted