Absolute Software LoJack for Laptops - KBA 122893

LoJack® for Laptops is a software package that provides tracking data to help recover stolen devices. To protect personal information, users may lock or delete data from stolen devices remotely.

Privately owned laptops

University Technology, UTech provides discounted access to Absolute Software: LoJack® for Laptops.

Additional product details, subscription pricing and contract options are available at the eStore. Register with your CWRU email address during purchase to receive the current discounted price.

Access your account online at https://my.absolute.com. Sign in with your CWRU email address and the password you created during registration.

University owned laptops

Students, faculty and staff members who use a laptop university-owned laptop should not purchase LoJack® for Laptops. An Information Security specialist from your department can advise you of licensing options available in your organization.