Static IP Address - KBA 23759

What is it?

An IP Address is the unique network identifier of a particular computer or other network device. Our network addresses are dynamically distributed, which means that every time your computer connects to the CWRU network, you may be given a different IP Address. Certain machines need to have their IP Address remain static or unchanged for particular uses. These computers, typically servers, can obtain a Static IP Address upon request.

Note that Static IP Addresses are assigned by building, so if you request a static IP Address and then move to a different building, your computer will no longer work on the CWRU network. You will need to release and re-request the static IP Address.

Additionally, although your computer will obtain a Static IP Address, your network settings for the computer are the same as if you were obtaining a dynamic one. Do not manually set the assigned IP Address!

Do I need a Static IP Address?

Most people do not need Static IP Addresses. Web sites and most file sharing servers are accessed via their Hostname, not their IP Address, so these servers do not need Static IP Addresses. Your server only needs a Static IP Address if a program you are accessing requires it. Please check with your system administrator or the UTech Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357).

How do I get a Static IP Address?

This part is simple. First register for a normal dynamic IP Address, then go to the Static IP Request page. This page will ask for your CWRU Network ID and password.

How do I release a Static IP Address?

There is a web page where you may do this as well. Have the IP Address or hostname of the computer you wish to release as this is required by the Static IP Release page.

Note: this page will ask for your CWRU Network ID and password.

How do I renew a Static IP Address?

Static IP Addresses need to be renewed annually. When an address registered to you is about to expire, you will be sent an email notice. Also when you look up systems registered to you it will list the expiration dates for static IP Addresses so you can be forewarned. You can renew Static IP addresses at any time at the Static IP Renewal web page. Note, this page will ask for your CWRU Network ID and password.