Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) is also referred to as Student or PeopleSoft SIS by students, faculty, staff. The SIS is the university administrative system used for Student Registration, Student Accounts, Academic Advisement, and Student Demographic Data. The primary list of supported student services includes Online Schedule of Classes, Online Registration, Academic Requirements Reports, Unofficial Transcripts, Student Planner, Financial Account Inquiry, Online Payments, Authorized Users (Parent Access), Address Maintenance, and Privacy Settings (FERPA). The primary list of supported instructor/advisor services includes Online Class Roster, Online Grade Submission, Class Permissions, Online Advisee List, Advisee Academic Requirements Reports and What-if Reports, Advisee Shopping Carts, and Department Admin Center.

Service Contacts


  • University Registrar


Hours of Availability:

  • 24/7/365 (note that system activity is normally very light between midnight and 6 AM except Registration mornings)

Level of Severity:

  • P0


  • Mission Critical

Critical Periods:

  • Summer Orientation Sessions, Beginning of Semester (from 1 week before the start of class until the end of the 2nd week of class), Big Registration Days, Grading/Final Exams/Transcripts, Degree Certification/Commencement/Graduation Cleanup