Fiber Optic Cables - KBA 23754

Test fiber optic cables

  • Inspect your fiber optic network cable for visible signs of wear and tear, such as missing orange coating, kinks in the cable, or broken ends. If any of these exist, you will need to replace the cable.
  • Verify that the both ends of your fiber optic network cable are disconnected or removed from the faceplate, and the network switch/computer. Never look into the end of a fiber optic cable that is connected to either a faceplate, switch or computer as the laser in these devices can cause serious damage to your eyes.
  • Once you have all four ends of the fiber optic cable disconnected and in your hand, hold one end of the cable up to the brightest light available and view the associated remote end for visible light.
  • If the cable is not broken you should be able to see a dot of light on the tip of one of the two cable ends on the end away from the light source. Repeat for the other end.
  • If you don't see light in both cable tips, please take the cable to the [U]Tech C.A.R.E. Center, they will double check the cable for you.