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Oracle Database Support

Oracle Database Support

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Service Description

University Technology, [U]Tech uses Oracle Databases as the vehicle to store and process data for applications that support a wide variety of services here at the university.

Three types of database services are provided by UTech:

  1. Database Services for administrative applications provided to the university community and supported by UTech.
  2. Database Hosting Services where a separate, individual Oracle Database is provided to other schools and administrative centers within the University for their individual use.
  3. APEX (Application Express) Hosting Services where a separate, individual workspace for web applications in a shared Oracle Database environment is provided to other schools and administrative centers within the University for their individual use.


The Oracle Database Service provides 24x7 availability of databases to store and manage University data in a robust, secure environment. This includes data backup, restore and failover capabilities, as well as security to ensure the safety and integrity of University data housed in these databases.

Technical Details

Oracle Database Services are hosted in secure Data Centers here at the University. The target SLA is to provide clients with a 99.9%/month uptime.

Base-level virtual machines come equipped with 1 processor (vCPU), 2Gb of ram, 30Gb system drive and a 30Gb data drive running with high availability. The customer will need to request backup if needed. The cost of backup is $3.87 Gb/year.

SLA Details

UTech is committed to maintaining 99.99% availability of our Critical Services.

Depending on the severity of the issue, Oracle Database Service SLAs are within 1 hour to 5 business days, following the standard FootPrints SLA guidelines.

Separate SLAs are defined for each of the three types of database services provided by UTech to cover specifics related to each of those services.


The Oracle Database Service is used by faculty, students and staff across the CWRU campus.

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