Globus Data Transfer

Globus helps researchers to move, manage and share big data. It provides fast, reliable and secure file transfer, sharing and publishing. Any storage system that is enabled as a Globus endpoint can be easily configured to allow file sharing.

You can create shared endpoints using Globus Connect Server on managed endpoints covered by a Globus Provider plan, as well as on personal endpoints owned by Globus Plus users.

Case Western Reserve has enrolled in the Globus Provider plan under "cwru". Globus-Command-Line-Interface (CLI) can be convenient.

Globus Connect Personal

Helps you to turn your PC into a Globus end point to transfer and share files.

Globus Connect Server (Admin only)

It adds HPC as a globus endpoint. Data Transfer Node (dtn1) has been configured as a shared point (cwru#dtn1). Follow the instructions at Globus-Connect-Server.


Sharing Benefits:

  • Enhance collaboration with other researchers, without requiring them to have accounts on your systems
  • Save money by sharing data from where it already is—no need to move it to the cloud just to share it
  • Maintain security and access controls as defined by your resource provider

Get The Service

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