Google Workspace

CWRU has partnered with Google Workspace for Education to bring the power of over 36 Google apps to the campus community. After logging-in using Single Sign-On, you can utilize the power of these apps to improve your productivity, organization and collaboration.

Some of the more commonly used Apps on campus include:

  • Google Mail and Google Calendar, which can be used to keep track of email messages and events. Both of these tools can be set-up for use on your mobile device, keeping everything together in one place.
  • Google Drive acts as a cloud storage solution where you can store and share files with ease. Google Drive is also where Google Docs and Google Sheets can be created. These are fully collaborative documents that, once created, can be shared with colleagues.
  • Google Hangouts is a free web conferencing tool which provides a quick and easy way to connect and share ideas with others.
  • Google+ is a social networking platform that can be utilized to create communities outside of the classroom to share thoughts and ideas. CWRU users also have access to YouTube, the video hosting and sharing platform widely used worldwide.


Google Workspace is free for CWRU faculty, staff and students. Many apps are compatible with any modern web browser and are available as apps for mobile platforms.

Apps can be used anywhere that you have access to the internet. Since your information is stored on the cloud, it's always available and easily accessed by whatever device you are using.


CWRU faculty, students and staff have free access to Google Workspace.

Get The Service

Each Google app has a unique site used to access the service. Some of the most common are:

NOTE: Sign in with your CWRU Network ID and password to use these apps.