IP Address Management

Case Western Reserve University allows students, faculty and staff to register their personal computing devices on the wired networks. CWRU also offers users the ability to define a custom DNS name, if desired.

The IP Address Management service encompasses critical network services such as:

  • DHCP - Allows PCs to automatically obtain the correct IP addressing information.
  • DNS - Resolves CWRU system name, as well as all Internet hostnames, to IP addresses (useful when trying to access sites such as Facebook).


The IP Address Management System provides a self-service portal for registering system for use on the campus network.

Users can also contact the Service Desk to update MAC addresses and request hostname changes.


This service is offered to all CWRU students, faculty, and staff.

Get The Service

If you have additional questions or want to request service, contact the Service Desk.

P: 216.368.HELP