Research Archive Storage

Research Archive Storage provides faculty members and principal investigators a means to store data that has long-term value but is infrequently accessed. The system is designed to handle the needs of research and allows for movement of large amounts of data into an UTech managed system in a convenient fashion.

The system provides users with a defined bucket, caches the buckets on high-speed SSD storage, and determines the best method to write the data to tape in order to maximize system performance and minimize cost. The stored data is written in the open LTFS format to ensure future access.


  • Purchase multiple terabytes of storage space, scale as needed
  • Take advantage of tape's low cost and durability
  • Secure storage
  • Immediate access to high-speed networking
  • Multiple options for protecting your data, including offsite storage


This service is available to faculty members and principal investigators at Case Western Reserve University.

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