Science DMZ

Science DMZ leverages access to a 100Gbps external network.

It is not a service that users directly access; rather it allows other services, such as Globus, to be more effective.


Research data that does not involve personalized information may move across the university external network boundary through dedicated routing hardware that imposes limited filtering and inspection.

Enterprise data in and out of the university, does not have to compete for bandwidth with terabyte-scale research data transfers.

Technical Details

  • 100Gbps connectivity to Internet2
  • Deployment of perfSonar and data transfer nodes
  • Hosting space available for research activities with 100 Gbps connectivity
  • 10 Gbps to the desktop availability in DMZ available buildings

Get The Service

Research Computing resources such as High Performance Computing (HPC) and data storage are configured to benefit from the Science DMZ. Upgraded equipment is available for purchase.

NOTE: Upgraded equipment may only be used at locations where 10GE infrastructure has already been installed.

If you have additional questions or need to open a service request, contact the Service Desk.
P: 216.368.HELP

Or to contact Research Computing directly, send email to